About Us

     The Fox Valley Retriever Club had its beginnings in December of 1967 in Menasha Wisconsin. At the first club meeting held on December 7th the name “Fox Valley Retriever Club” was appropriately chosen because it was to serve the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin and the first officers were elected. The purpose of the club was to form a group of members who had the same interest, that being to help each other train their retrievers for the sport of running field trials. The club applied to the AKC to hold its first licensed field trial, but was denied due to the number of clubs in the area. By December of 1969 the club had held three “fun” trials with the last one following the rules for sanctioned trials. Eighty-six dogs were entered in that trial showing the growing popularity of the sport back then. In early 1970 the club again applied to the AKC to hold a licensed event, but was again denied even though they had worked out a date that wouldn’t interfere with another club. Undaunted by the AKC’s continuous refusal to allow it to hold a licensed field trial, the Fox Valley Retriever Club continued to hold “fun” and non-licensed trials throughout the 1970’s. Eventually the first AKC sanctioned field trial was held on March 28, 1982 in Eagle Wisconsin with a second one being held at Eldorado Marsh in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin on July 24, 1982. From that point on the Fox Valley Retriever Club continued to hold sanctioned trials.

     In the mid-1980’s and early 1990’s, with the sport of field trials becoming more and more challenging, hunt tests, which had their beginnings at that time, became the game for the average retriever owner. Just as with field trials having been started back in the 1930’s and 40’s as a way to keep hunting retrievers sharp and in shape in the off-season, hunt tests became the sport of choice for the hunting retriever owner. Training for and entering hunt tests gave a hunter with a retriever a reason and incentive to work their dog throughout the spring and summer knowing it would be ready for the upcoming hunting season. With the majority of its members being avid hunters, and the advent of the hunt tests, the Fox Valley Retriever Club quite easily and readily became an organization whereby its members could train their retrievers for hunting and the new sport of hunt tests with the benefit being a well trained retriever ready to go for the hunting season.

     Since its beginning the club has evolved into an organization which continues to support its members in their efforts to own and train a retriever they envisioned when they brought it home as a pup and could be proud of. Now having become located in southeast Wisconsin, it serves the communities of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, and Washington counties and some of northern Illinois. With access to several training areas located in New Berlin, Muskego, Waukesha, and Kenosha, members have the ability to train and test their dogs with a variety of terrain and water. Along with these training areas, the Fox Valley Retriever Club holds regularly scheduled training sessions from early spring until late summer. Typically these training sessions are held two to three times a week giving a member the opportunity to work on any concept or scenario whether it pertains to hunting or hunt tests. Working with your retriever this way on a consistent basis quite readily enhances the dog‘s abilities. Additionally, attending these training sessions gives any member the opportunity to tap into the knowledge of retriever owners with years of experience. As it was in its beginning, the Fox Valley Retriever Club is still an organization in which its members come together to help each other train their retrievers.

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